The Team, The Team, The Team

One teacher reflects on how a shared space impacted her team’s work together.


Our principal locked himself in classroom 205 with his wife and twin toddlers for a day over the summer. As each member of our newly-formed interdisciplinary freshman teaching team prepped our own rooms, we made excuses to walk by the middle classroom, surreptitiously trying to peek past the covered door window to the source of the hammering we could hear from within. Later that day, my science teaching partner Lynn* texted me — “WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT.”


The walls are still blue, and the desks are still circled around the megatable at the center of our converted French classroom. A list of dates on the front whiteboard count down the days until the end of the school year. There are handwritten notes in distinctly different colors annotating the makeshift calendar with our various thoughts and questions about each day’s plans.

Figure 1. Tecumseh School District news headlines. The headlines included here were reported on the news website from January through June 2019.


Vanhala, M. (2020). The team, the team, the team. Kaleidoscope: Educator Voices and Perspectives, 6(2), 11–14.



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