Benefits of a Teacher Observation Group

A personal reflection on the power of regional observation groups — and a call to action to create your own.

Before my first year of teaching, I interviewed at a lot of schools. I was offered two positions: one teaching biology and chemistry at a high school 15 minutes from my home, the other teaching seventh grade science at a middle school 45 minutes away. The high school let me know that I would be on my own, with no professional learning community (PLC) or common planning time with teachers teaching the same courses. The middle school had common planning times for PLCs, and my PLC would include a National Board Certified Teacher who was excited to work with and mentor a new teacher.

Reference and Citation

Steinkamp, A. (2019). The machines around us. Kaleidoscope: Educator Voices and Perspectives, 6(1), 25–28.



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